Friday – God’s Promise of FREEDOM

God’s Promise of FREEDOM
“The Lord sets the prisoner free.”  Psalm 146:7
Lord, what a beautiful promise to end our week,
Yes – we are free indeed,
Yes – You set us free,
Blessed, filled up, overflowing because of You.
I repent of the joy I stole from our relationship because of lies,
I confess that as sin,
I ask You, Lord Jesus, to take it to the place You have prepared
In Jesus name – Amen.
Done! Amen…….
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Testimony & Prayer… a child I was told Jesus did not exist, it was a lie, the Bible was a lie, just stories made up by men. It was hard for me to believe, I went to church as a young child because it got me out of the house, it was a fun place and Mom said I should go for the neighbours sake……but when I got home and wanted to share, I was told a different story. When I became a believer, as an adult with young children, and still messed up, God was my secret – who would believe me? We went to chuch as a young married family but relationship with Jesus was a long walk in faith to get to – 12 more years in the desert for me! But, in desperation (my own life at the time) – I reached out in a different way, I asked Jesus to take over my life because I couldn’t do it anymore…..da! Jesus directed to me to His Church, His family, His relationship values for my life and I grew. I learned to say the above prayer in healing and I share it with you because I had to come to this place to walk in total Freedom. Jesus asked me to see His altar and to free myself from all things that were lies allowing truth and freedom to enter, to be the person He asked me to be. I am so thankful.
My Mom, who, bless her heart was confused herself by lies, came to know Jesus at 93, just 3 weeks before He called her home – never stop praying.
Repent – Confess – Go, in Jesus name – Amen..
I don’t understand it (our pain)– but I do know that we have been given our life’s journey for His Good Purpose – despite the pain, the lies, the fear and all our messes – He sets us FREE!
Today, as I have shared with you before, the Jesus name I receive is “Sharon Joy”, I am preparing a this blog to hold all of these prayers and more,  a work in progress
Special hugs, M&D

Thank you, blessings to your day. M

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