The pool was still. It was inviting. I had it all to myself and as I walked into the aquatic centre at our facility for my morning swim and exercise. I love the aqua blue relaxing colour and there was not a ripple in its surface today. It was going to be a good morning.

Stepping down into the tepid water, I rushed to submerge and swim the length underwater, well almost. Wow! Then I looked around and all that surface stillness was now a valley of waves in motion, I could no longer still it. I smiled, I continued in my morning ritual and it was good.

Thinking is a good thing to do during this time. I reflect, sometimes I pray, as I stretch out my form to dance once again. Now, that is a thought, dancing with the water – yes, I allow my mind to free itself and imagine how my arms can move with grace and relax in freeform of water movement, wonderful.

The wave motion catches my eye today, all around is movement. I think…..God that is like Your world? If we do nothing it rests in stillness yet if we bring one ‘ripple’ of You it can flow to the outer edges and it can be huge or small but it grows. It just takes that first step. Ha, yes, maybe it just takes getting wet and seeing how far one can swim, if at all!

You, Lord, bring many images of water to us through Your word and I think of the disciples in the boat and You asking Peter to walk toward You. That took courage because I don’t think Peter saw the beautiful beauty of that reflective water glowing in all its shades on a peaceful morning without a ripple. No! I think Peter saw the waves, the work of Your mighty hands in the unrest in a storm in his life, yet Peter heard You. The sea would be getting dark, there were likely no clouds and the wind would be gushing their boat to and fro, yet Peter heard You. Come!

I am alone in my pool, it is quiet stillness – do I hear You? I think so, I hear you say ‘write – Ripple’ and I thank you as the words flow that bring joy to this day in reflection.

I Come! to You in the Joy of my day, many others Come! to You in the situations of their day and life – do they hear Your voice?  I pray they do, I pray that You use me and others to be a ‘ripple’ in the places we are sent.

As I leave the pool there is no one to replace me, it lies empty, it is still once again – no sound, no laughter, no dancing. Oh, Lord, may I be a ripple in Your sea of beauty and joy!

water Medium Web view

Marilyn Rough
March 2017


Thank you, blessings to your day. M

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