Friday – God’s Promise of GROWTH

God’s Promise of GROWTH
“The righteous will flourish ….They will still bear fruit in old age.” Psalm 92: 12,14

Praise and honour to our Lord, Jesus Christ,
Thank you for a week praying our Your Promises of GROWTH,
Thank you for this verse – ‘the righteous will flourish’,
We stand on Your promises greeting each new day in Victory.

‘They will bear fruit in old age’,
Halleluia – You do not age us Lord,
We are made new every morning,
We learn, grow, experience, come to Your presence,

Thank You, Jesus, for being with us,
Thank you for Holy Spirit indwelling,
Thank you as we look forward in Joy to each new day,
Blessings and glory for this week and the week to come.

march_flowers_4_by_love1008-d3bga1r Medium Web view


Thank you, blessings to your day. M

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