Thursday – God’s Promise of ENCOURAGEMENT

God’s Promise of ENCOURAGEMENT
“If anyone serves, he/she should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised.”  1 Peter 4:11
Dear Lord, I do not know if I should pray or post a testimony tonight, maybe both…
My strength is weak today, this body suffers, yet by prayer my God provides, may Your Name be Praised,
I struggle right now to use these fingers, yet I am encouraged because of prayer,
I rest knowing that You know everything about me, You listen to my need to rest,
……this body ‘ouches’ and tomorrow is more rain – Saturday, You bring the sun – halleluia!,
Prayer is such a comfort and a beautiful joy – thank you,
I thank you for all the ‘Saints’ tonight in prayer,
We come because we love You, we come because it is our joy,
These Promises remind us of the strength of Your scripture, Your provision.
Your Word, Lord, settles the anxiety, be it in pain, loss, depression,
Holy Spirit power comforts us with all encouragement to Praise Your Holy name,
To continue this walk we love so much,
Blessings to all in prayer and for all answered prayer.
My joy is to know that as I rest in my weakness, I am empowered with Your strength – the joy in knowing You call my name in love, thank you Jesus.
small flowers

Thank you, blessings to your day. M

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