Thursday – God’s Promise TO COME AGAIN

God’s Promise TO COME AGAIN
“He who is coming will come and will not delay.”  Hebrews 10:37

Thank you Lord for Your Promises,
Thank you that You will never leave nor foraske us,
Thank you that there is Hope for the weary,
Thank you that a prayer is always welcomed.

Rejoice – yes, we rejoice in Your name,
Praise – yes, we praise that Heaven opens,
Hope – yes, we hope for Eternal Salvation,You have loved us.
Love – yes, we love as You have loved us.

We pray for the sinner, the one’s who have never heard,
We pray Holy Spirit indwelling where the cry of love is needed,
We pray for those weakened by traumas of this world,
But most of all we pray, Knowing, that You will not delay.

In love Lord, we pray for our brother and sister,
We come before Your altar renewed in this day,
Bringing the cleansing from our prayers
To offer the gift of love to our brother and sister.

foot 2

Thank you, blessings to your day. M

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